'Grand Theft Auto VI' release date, news, rumors: 'GTA' shifts location to Vice City, North Yankton; Next installment to feature VR gameplay

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor of "Grand Theft Auto V Online." | Rockstar Games Official Website

For the past several months, rumors have kept the "GTA" fans abuzz regarding the much awaited next installment of the "Grand Theft Auto" series. According to the latest rumors, Rockstar Games is now laying the groundwork for "Grand Theft Auto VI," which is expected to be released in the coming years. 

With the new "Grand Theft Auto" title rumored to arrive and replace the current "Grand Theft Auto V," one of the biggest speculations among the players is the upcoming game's new locations. As reported by Yibada, Rockstar Games might be taking the fans back to a familiar location, which is none other than the Vice City.

The rumors about the Vice City being the location of "Grand Theft Auto VI" stemmed out from a clue found on Vespucci Beach in "Grand Theft Auto V." This is considered by the fans as an Easter egg for the next "GTA" installment. Specifically, the "GTA VI" hint was found on a towel with a printed text that states "I Love VC." The fans could not think of other things to explain this but the possibility of the next "Grand Theft Auto" title revisiting VC or Vice City. 

To recall, Vice City has been the center of action in the previous "Grand Theft Auto" installments such as "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" in the PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC platforms.

However, Neurogadget took notice of other clues suggesting that the next main location of "Grand Theft Auto" is North Yankton. There is a particular scene in "GTA V" in which Michael seems to have bought plane tickets, and the destination written on them is the fictional city of North Yankton. Furthermore, North Yankton is believed to be the game's version of a popular Canadian city.

Meanwhile, it is also rumored that Rockstar Games will be incorporating virtual reality (VR) contents in "Grand Theft Auto VI," which is expected to double the expenses of the game studio compared to the total production cost of "Grand Theft Auto V." To note, Rockstar Games spent almost around $265 million, and with VR gameplay about to enter the picture, one can only expect "Grand Theft Auto VI" to be much more expensive than that.

Due to the estimated high cost of "GTA VI," it is expected that the game will not be released anytime soon. For now, it is believed that the game will arrive in 2020, Game N Guide reported.