'Grimm' season 6 spoilers update: Renard to use his powerful daughter as weapon in eliminating Nick?

Nick's (David Giuntoli) adventures for "Grimm" season 6 are already being plotted out as the writers of the show have already gone back to work.

Will Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) help Renard (Sasha Roiz) in destroying Nick (David Giuntoli)? | Scott Green/NBC

Bitsie Tulloch, who plays Eve in the hit supernatural drama, wished the creative group good luck with a sweet treat to start the writing season right.

Although the script work is just starting out, there are already a lot of discussions with regards to what Renard (Sasha Roiz) will be up to in "Grimm" season 6 after a unique opportunity presented itself to him.

In "Grimm" season 5 finale, Renard's daughter Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) used her magic on her dolls to make her daddy kill Bonaparte (Shaun Toub), who she saw as a threat to her parents' relationship.

According to speculations, Renard will play hero and make Nick pay for saving his life in "Grimm" season 6 and will use Diana and her uncontrollable power to get leverage over him and anybody else.

"There's a pattern of behavior with Renard that's well established by now. Renard is in love with himself and with power, so when he slays Bonaparte, Nick isn't going to give him the benefit of the doubt," Giuntoli told TV Insider.

Diana won't be difficult to convince, especially if Nick continues his plan to take Adalind (Claire Coffee) and baby Kelly. Fans have seen how Diana easily eliminated people who try to get in the way of her parents to be together.

In "Grimm" season 6, it won't be shocking to see Renard tries to talk her impressionable daughter into eliminating Nick for him. He won't even have to get his hands dirty to get rid of his biggest threat.

Everything Renard has done in the last season of the series is now all for power. He has proven he is willing to do the most horrifying things just to get to the top and if Diana will get him there, Nick will be in a lot of trouble in "Grimm" season 6.

"Renard is going to be the big bad in Season 6. We'll focus more on him and his rise to power and what that means. I don't know this for absolute sure, but that's the word on the street," Giuntoli teased.

"Grimm" season 6 is set to premiere this fall. There will only be 13 episodes this season instead of 22.