'Halo Wars 2' release date, latest news: Microsoft reveals launch trailer for new 'Halo' game

A screenshot from the launch trailer of the video game "Halo Wars 2." | Youtube/Xbox

Microsoft has recently released the launch trailer for the highly-anticipated video game "Halo Wars 2," which focuses on the game's campaign mode.

According to GameRant, the storyline of "Halo Wars 2" is set shortly after the events that transpired in the video game "Halo 5: Guardians." When the crew of the UNSC warship Spirit of Fire emerges from cryosleep, they find themselves getting into a conflict with a Covenant splinter group known as the Banished, which is led by the Brute warlord Atriox.

As reported by VG 24/7, the trailer is taken from the CG cut-scenes of the actual video game. It shows the desperate crew of the Spirit of Fire as they struggle to fight against an overwhelming force. It also introduced the game's key characters, including the evil Atriox.

With the launch trailer, the gaming community is also introduced to Isabel, an AI character who is a new addition to the whole "Halo" series. Because her character is heavily shown in the trailer, it seems that Isabel will be playing a large part in the video game's main plot.

All the cut-scenes in the video game are created by Blur, a studio recognized for the excellent CG trailers it created for several popular video games.

Microsoft has previously confirmed that "Halo Wars 2" will be the lone "Halo" game that will be released for 2017. The video game's sales performance in the coming months after its release will be a good predictor of the franchise's future.

"Halo Wars 2" is scheduled to launch in full on Feb. 21 for the Xbox One and PC. However, those who purchase its $80 Ultimate Edition will be able to play the game ahead of everyone else, starting on Feb. 17.

The video game is also an Xbox Play Anywhere title, which means digitally purchasing the game on one platform gets gamers access to "Halo Wars 2" on both platforms with no extra cost.