'Homeland' season 6 news: latest premiere posted decent number despite early on-demand release

Carrie (Danes) in "Homeland" season 6, episode 2 promo still | Showtime

"Homeland" technically made its official comeback with the premiere episode of season 6 with rather good viewership numbers. This is despite the fact that the debut already made its way to Showtime subscribers two weeks prior via on-demand service.

In a new article from Deadline, the psychological thriller made its successful American landing both literally and figuratively as it was able to gather 1.1 million viewers at its timeslot at 9 p.m. Subsequently through the night, the number grew to 1.4 thanks to two airings and replays. Season 5 drew 1.7 million initial count and then finalized to 2.1 million, both of which are significantly higher than what the current outing has set. But if on-demand viewers are also to be tabulated, "Homeland" season 6 would have a whopping 2.6 million audience on its season premiere making it on par with season 3 as the highest number of tune-ins for an outing debut.

It is however quite difficult to put the number in direct comparison with its previous iterations or any other Showtime shows at it is the first one to premiere in January. But if anything, the drama is off to a great start.

Moving to this Sunday's episode titled "The Man in the Basement," clearly apt for the struggling Quinn (Peter Friend) who was locked in by Carrie (Claire Danes) on the floor below the New York brownstone where she and Franny are currently living. While the decision to take him in seems to be the right one or else he is going to eventually die finding trouble in the streets, the former CIA assassin will prove to be difficult to handle.

In the promo clip for the installment, it seems that Quinn's psychological unstableness prompts him to be impatient and maybe even violent. At one point, Carrie was asking him from behind the door when he suddenly just threw something on its glass panel.

"It's been nine months, he's done all the counseling and the tests and the physical [therapy], he's come to terms with himself. The place where we shot the Veterans Administration was beyond depressing. This is your life. If you're Quinn, you collect your check, you blow it all on one night to have one night away from it all, then you're back in prison, effectively," Friend told Entertainment Weekly regarding how his character operates in "Homeland's" ongoing season. "There's a genuine thing he's saying to Carrie, Will you just give up on me because I have," he added.

"Homeland" airs every Sunday, 9 p.m. ET.