'Horizon: Zero Dawn' release date, latest news: New trailers released

A screenshot from the cinematic trailer of the upcoming video game 'Horizon: Zero Dawn." | Youtube/PlayStation EU

Ahead of its forthcoming release later this February, Sony has published three new trailers for the highly-anticipated action role-playing video game, "Horizon: Zero Dawn," which was created by game developer Guerilla Games.

The first trailer is titled "Earth is Ours No More," and it opens with a thriving and human-populated Earth. However, some kind of event took place that brought everything into darkness, with nature reclaiming the planet. Now, massive mysterious machines control the world, and it is up to the game's main character, Aloy, to figure out why.

The second trailer, "Explore the Wild," shows off Zero Dawn's diverse and breathtaking post-apocalyptic world. The video shows waterside villages where people are seen fishing, dark caverns which can be explored, and many beautiful vistas.

A third trailer, "Overwhelming Odds," shows off some of the dangers that players will encounter on their journey, including different kinds of mechanized monsters.

As reported by Coming Soon, the game follows Aloy, whose tribe — the Nora tribe — has been massacred by an unknown group of masked people. Aloy defies the advice of her tribe to pray to the Goddess for help and instead decides to investigate what happened on her own. She leaves her sacred lands and heads to the Meridian to uncover the mystery.

The enemy leader is actually raising up ancient machines to take back what he believes to be his. To do this, he takes control of the machines that roam the land. He's also brewing a plan that threatens everyone's existence.

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" is described as a game that explores the juxtaposition of a primitive world of hunters and advanced technology.

The game also features the voices of Ashly Burch ("Adventure Time"), Kosha Engler ("Moonshot"), and David Harewoon ("Supergirl").

"Horizon: Zero Dawn" is scheduled to be released by Guerilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment as a PlayStation 4 exclusive on Feb. 28.