iPad Pro 2 launch date, specs rumors, news: Device to be unveiled during company's spring event at Apple Park?

Photo of a boxed iPad Pro and a boxed Apple Pencil | Wiikimedia Commons/Brett Jordan

The new iPad Pro is expected to be unveiled at Apple's spring event this coming April, which also celebrates the opening of the new Apple Park. Meanwhile, several patents were submitted by Apple for enhancing the iPad Pro's Apple Pen.

There are a lot of speculations that the iPad Pro 2 will be introduced at Apple's next spring event that is originally scheduled for this March. However, Apple World Today reports several indications why Apple's Spring Forward event will be moved to April instead.

It was noted that Apple Stores in the US show that the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Pro will be made available on April 4. The delay in stocks availability could be caused by a stock issue, but it could also indicate that the spring event has been moved to April 4, making stocks available on the same day of their launch.

There are also expectations that the spring event will be held at the new Apple Park, especially since its opening date was set to be sometime in April. Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook also shared that no more events will be held at the company's headquarters, confirming that the next event will take place in the Apple Park.

Meanwhile, several patents submitted by Apple indicate a new and enhanced Apple Pen for the incoming iPad Pro models.

Among those patents, Patently Apple identified two that were named "Active Stylus Precision Tip" and "Reprocessing for Nonlinear Stylus Profiles."

In another patent, Apple hid two patent figures which indicate that the Apple Pen can be magnetically attached to new iPad Pro models and that it can recharge at the same time.

Other devices expected to debut in Apple's Spring Forward event are the iPad Air 2 and the 7.9-inch iPad Mini.

The iPad Pro 2 is anticipated to be launched in April 2017.