'Jessica Jones' season 2 release date, latest news: What to expect in season 2

Promotional image for the superhero series "Jessica Jones." | Netflix

More than a year has passed since Marvel's series "Jessica Jones" premiered its first season on Netflix. With the recent launch of a new season of "Daredevil" and the first season of "Luke Cage," it's easy for some viewers to forget about superhero series starring Krysten Ritter. Although new episodes of the series won't be arriving anytime soon, there are some things that fans should expect when the show's second season is released.

According to Mic, although a new season for "Jessica Jones" has been confirmed, its development and release are still far away. In summer 2016, Netflix's chief content officer Ted Sarandos spoke at the Television Critics Association press tour and revealed that Netflix subscribers will get to watch two Marvel shows a year on the online streaming service.

In 2016, "Daredevil" season 2 and the first edition of "Luke Cage" was launched. For 2017, the two Marvel shows lined up for release are "Iron Fist" and "The Defenders." This timetable leaves "Jessica Jones" season 2 to potentially come out sometime in 2018.

Created by Melissa Rosenberg, "Jessica Jones" is the only Marvel series on Netflix to feature a female superhero as its lead. Hence, its series creator stressed that she would want to enlist only female directors for all the episodes of its second season.

As reported by Variety, Rosenberg spoke at a panel about diversifying Hollywood and stressed the necessity of hiring more diverse faces behind the scenes. She went on to say that for "Jessica Jones," it's "a conscious decision and it's very important that showrunners do that."

As for the villain in "Jessica Jones" season 2, Rosenberg revealed that the upcoming season will not be focusing on one particular villain like in season 1 — when it focused heavily on Kilgrave. With Kilgrave dead, it looks like there will be more than one villain in the series' next season.

"No one is ever going to beat David Tennant as Kilgrave, so you don't do that. The biggest mistake would be to try to repeat that. You just go, 'OK, we're not doing that, so we have this open to us,'" Rosenberg said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

"Jessica Jones" season 2 is expected to return in 2018.