'Jurassic World 2' spoilers: Bryce Dallas Howard hints at where Claire and Owen would be at the start of the sequel

"Jurassic World 2" is not due until next year, which gives its comebacking actors like Bryce Dallas Howard leeway to work on other gigs including the one she is currently promoting, "Gold." However, the interviews that come with the media activities for the film also give outlets the chance to sneak in some questions regarding the blockbuster follow-up to the "Jurassic" franchise, treating fans to a tiny morsel of details for the said movie.

When Howard, who plays "Jurassic World's" heroine, Claire, sat down with JoBlo, in which she spilled some of the beans with regard to where viewers will find her and Owen (Chris Pratt) when the J.A. Bayona project picks up.

"That's part of the story, that's part of the journey. She definitely went through a lot and is permanently changed because of that," the actress started referring to her near-death experience in Isla Nublar in "Jurassic World." "But she is also who she is. Chris [Pratt] and I are already having a lot of fun with that. We're in that stage right now of figuring out the backstory and talking through all those beats, like everything that happened in between. That's always such a fun time. You're like, 'No, she did that?! No way, he couldn't have!' It's really, really fun, and then you step into the present moment and it becomes alive," she added.

While the actress did not go into specifics, it seems like there will be some significant time lapse between the first and second film from the rejuvenated "Jurassic" franchise. The actress hinted that "everything that happened in between" the installments will eventually have a lasting impression on the characters making it interesting how the change in scenery coupled with the upcoming danger will fit into the overall narrative. It can be remembered that when the 2015 "Jurassic World" ended, Claire and Owen have not clearly figured out yet what is going on between them and rightfully so with the ordeal that they were just subjected to. So, it is definitely interesting to see whether the two eventually got together or decided to part ways only to be reunited.

"Jurassic World 2," which has yet to nab an official title, is scheduled for a June 22, 2018 release date. The cast and crew of the film are scheduled to fly to Hawaii for principal photography sometime this early 2017.