'Kingdom Hearts 3' news: game Director Tetsuya Nomura explains the long title production

"Kingdom Hearts" franchise promo image | Facebook/Kingdom Hearts

It would be an understatement to say that "Kingdom Hearts III" has long been overdue. The melting pot of the game has been announced as early as three years ago but there really is a scarcity of information regarding its new gameplay and even its exact release date. But if game directory Tetsuya Nomura is to be asked, fans should give Square Enix a little bit more time given how he thinks the title is worth waiting for.

Nomura, who sat down with Famitsu (via Kingdom Hearts Insider) for an extensive talk not just regarding "Kingdom Hearts III" but also the "Final Fantasy" franchise, provided an insight into what may be taking the former longer in the labs. Nomura teased of new worlds that are tipped to debut in the upcoming role-playing game. And because these are somewhat built from a blank canvass coupled with just new ideas, the developers tend to spend more time into detailing them. Furthermore, the succession is also crucial in their timetable as they cannot simultaneously work on different worlds due to risk of having to do them over again.

"We never start by working on all the worlds at the same time. In order to avoid having to redo things once we've started it's necessary to let things take shape only after all the elements have received approval, and there are currently some worlds that are still being audited," Nomura explained. "As I said a while ago, we also have to remake all the character models and such for current-gen consoles, so there's still a lot of development work to do," he went on to say.

In light of this, the veteran video game artist reassures everyone that the everything is in order as well as ask for more patience as they continue to work on "Kingdom Hearts III."

"You don't have to worry about the quality," he said, "so please wait until the next opportunity I have to show you something. Preparations are underway."

Meanwhile, gamers can busy themselves with other lore properties such as "Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue," which is set to drop in North America this week on Jan. 24. The spinoff game will be available on PlayStation 4.