'Lost in London' movie release date, latest news: Woody Harrelson stars in first-ever live streamed movie

A screenshot from the announcement video of the upcoming live-streamed feature film "Lost in London." | Youtube/Fathom Events

Woody Harrelson will be making a movie inspired by the one night he landed in jail while he was in London. Titled "Lost in London," the movie does not only have an interesting premise, but it will also be live streamed in cinemas at the same time the film is being shot.

According to Entertainment Weekly, "Lost in London" is written, directed by, and starred by Woody Harrelson. The 100-minute movie will mark the first time a film, aside from stage plays, has been live streamed into movie theaters. The broadcast of the film heavily differs from the usual streaming of a stage play because the upcoming film will be taking place in 14 different locations all over London, and it will be shot in just a single take.

"No one has ever shot a movie and live broadcast it into cinemas at the same time," Harrelson says in a teaser released by Fathom Events. "No one's ever been that stupid – until now," he said.

Based on the released teaser, the upcoming live stream feature film will include Harrelson's friends Owen Wilson and Willie Nelson as members of the cast.

The film will be based on an event experienced by Harrelson about 15 years ago. Harrelson accidentally broke an ashtray in the back of a London taxicab which triggered a series of events that ended with him getting imprisoned in a London jail for a night.

"Well, if that hadn't happened I never would have thought to do this. That was when I spent a night in jail here in London," Harrelson revealed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "But in this film, the whole night starts bad and keeps getting progressively worse. At the time, in real life, it was completely unfunny. But then later I thought about it later and I said, 'There's comedy in this,'" he added.

"Lost in London" is scheduled to hit more than 550 theaters on Jan. 19 at 9 p.m. E.T. Interested viewers can purchase their tickets here.