NBA trade rumors: Melo to leave the Big Apple?

Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks. | Wikimedia Commons / Chrishmt0423

Some trade rumors are very intriguing, while there are some that are just too good to be true. This rumor may be part of the latter as there is a three-team deal that could shift the power in the Eastern Conference.

According to talks, there may be a deal being placed that involves the New York Knicks, Indiana Pacers and Boston Celtics.

For the Knicks, the man in the rumor is superstar Carmelo Anthony. It is rumored that Melo wants out of the Knicks due to various reasons.

One reason cited could be the rift between team president Phil Jackson and Melo's close friend, LeBron James.

While that will not push one man to move out of a team, it is also rumored that Melo and head coach Jeff Hornacek are not seeing eye-to-eye in how the team should be run, so it is pushing Melo off the edge.

Next is Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. At the moment, the Pacers are starting off slow and inconsistent. This may result in George bolting for a team that could give him a better chance to reach farther in the playoffs and possibly even win a championship. He is still one of the younger stars in the league and has a lot to give any team he joins.

Finally, the Celtics are steadily rebuilding and are ready to give up some of their bigger players like Jae Crowder if that means the team can bring in a better name to help them.

The Celtics have Al Horford and Isaiah Thomas to lead the team, and George is believed to go to the Celtics along with a draft pick from the Knicks. In return, the Pacers will get Anthony and a 2018 draft pick from the Celtics. Finally, the Knicks will get Crowder and another pick from the Celtics.

This sounds like a big move and there are still more kinks to work out. But if this rumor has some truth to it, then the Eastern Conference is about to get even more interesting.