'No Man's Sky' release date news 2016: Game still expected in August in spite of E3 2016 absence

PlayStation website

"No Man's Sky" is probably one of the most anticipated game titles this year, and many game enthusiasts flocked at the recently concluded Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 to know the details about the space adventure video game firsthand. However, much to the disappointment of the participants, "No Man's Sky" was a no-show during the huge electronic gaming event.

While the absence of the game in the E3 presentation this year might just be coincidental and has no meaning behind it, there are some fans who are starting to think that Hello Games skipped the "No Man's Sky" intro at E3 because the game will be delayed once again.

Hello Games was supposed to release the game last June 21, but before the fans got too hyped up as the date approached, the game developer company announced that "No Man's Sky" will be getting an August release date instead. As the game title was nowhere to be found at E3 earlier this month, this sparked a new round of speculations that "No Man's Sky" scheduled release on August will not push through. However, as reported by The Bitbag, the absence of the game on the event has nothing to do with the rumored delay. Hello Games founder Sean Murray explained that they chose to "make the game better" than building up more hype for their upcoming project, and that is why they opted not to present the game at E3 this year.

Meanwhile, Murray updated the fans waiting for the new video game in "No Man's Sky" official website. He said that the additional time due to the delay is being taken as an opportunity to make the game bigger and more exciting.

"Every day, the game is getting better and better, and despite all the late night (and early mornings) we're all working to get it finished and in your hands, it's amazing to see it all coming together," Murray revealed in his statement.

So far, Hello Games already announced before E3 that "No Man's Sky" will be released on Aug. 9 in North America and Aug. 10 in Europe.