'One Piece' chapter 855 spoilers: Sanji, Luffy to reunite once more?

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Chapter 855 of the highly-popular Japanese manga series "One Piece" is teased to feature the much-awaited and emotionally-charged reunion of best friends Sanji and Luffy.

As reported by Mobile & Apps, Sanji finally realized his mistakes and found the courage to run away in "One Piece" chapter 854. He is reminded of his friends with the food he was preparing for Pudding. The way one of Big Mom's followers grabbed a piece of meat also reminded him of Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat pirates. This gives him the awakening he needed to escape and find his friends.

The highly-anticipated reunion between Sanji and Luffy is expected to very emotional, considering the circumstances of their previous encounter. That time, Luffy had even declared that he was going on a hunger strike and would not be eating any food unless it is prepared by Sanji.

There are many speculations on how the best friends' reunion will go down in chapter 855. One prediction sees Sanji giving the bento basket he took in the previous chapter to Luffy as a peace offering. He will also apologize for all the hurtful things he said to his friend. Luffy will show he has completely forgiven Sanji by stuffing his mouth with the food Sanji brought for him.

However, chapter 855 will not be just about happy tears and emotional reunions. In the upcoming episode, Sanji will reportedly be met with a dilemma during his attempt to escape. It would be very hard for him to suddenly leave, knowing that Big Mom intends to kill all of the Vinsmoke family members during his wedding with Pudding.

Hence, there are speculations that Sanji will be reunited with his teammates, but he will also ask for their help to foil Big Mom's plans to ambush the Vinsmoke family. It is also possible that he will directly go to the members of his family and warn them about what will really be happening at the wedding.

"One Piece" chapter 855 is set to hit the shelves in the next issue of the "Weekly Shounen Jump" magazine.