'Overwatch' DLC news, update, rumors: Doomfist to be added to next DLC pack

Promotional image for the Blizzard video game "Overwatch" | Facebook/Overwatch

Blizzard Entertainment has continued to provide updates for the popular action role playing game (ARPG) "Overwatch." After months of speculations, Blizzard finally confirmed that the next in line to join the roster of "Overwatch" is the Latino stealth hero Sombra. Shortly after the introduction of Sombra as a playable character, another major hero is expected to enter the action.

According to the latest report from iTech Post, the next DLC character after Sombra is none other than Doomfist. The character was already rumored to be among the next lineup of heroes to join "Overwatch," although Sombra was seen as the most likely candidate. Even though the players have no idea what Doomfist looks like, "Overwatch" storyteller Chris Metzen described him as a generational character with his own set of super powered gauntlets. These gauntlets are used for both the good and villainous intentions.

Other names of heroes probably to be added alongside Doomfist in the next DLC update are Savior and Scourge. The other character named Successor is rumored to receive the mantle of Doomfist. However, there is a possibility that Successor will be released in the next DLC update after the launching of Doomfist.

Meanwhile, other rumors suggest that instead of Doomfist, "Overwatch" will introduce Liao and Athena as the new playable heroes. To note, Athena is the official announcer in every "Overwatch" battle, and has been featured in the game's cinematic short film "Recall" featuring Winston and Reaper. Athena is expected to sport an Omic body with a female figure, single eye and a logo of her own name on her forehead. In a team battle, Athena is expected to serve as a support player.

Liao, on the other hand, is known to be the founding member of the "Overwatch" team along with Jack Morrison/Soldier:76, Gabriel Reyes/Reaper, Ana Amari, Torbjorn and Reinhardt, according to Yibada.

Blizzard has yet to provide official details regarding their upcoming DLC updates for "Overwatch."