Phoenix Suns trade rumors: Suns may have proper teams if they want to dispose of Knight

Brandon Knight (right) of the Phoenix Suns. | Wikimedia Commons / Keith Allison

The Phoenix Suns have faced difficulties so far in the NBA campaign and it seems that they have to make some pretty bold moves in order to salvage the rest of the season.

At the moment, the Suns are 14th in the Western Conference with a 5-13 record. They are on a two-game losing streak as of this writing.

Looking at their lineup, they have pretty good players who have promising potential. However, their slow progression has been a question mark and some people believe that they must move one of their key players.

According to a report, guard Brandon Knight may be the best person to trade this year as he seems to be the player with the most potential but with least use for the Suns at the moment.

Normally averaging around 15.8 points per game, Knight now only averages around 12.5 points. His other numbers are down as he only makes around 38 percent of his shots compared to 42 in his career.

A regular starter last season, Knight is off the bench at the moment and is only averaging 25 minutes per game, 11 minutes less than what he used to do with the Suns in their last campaign.

Fortunately for Knight and the Suns, there should be a number of teams who would be interested in Knight him that he is a young player and still has a lot of potential.

One of these teams is the Orlando Magic who can use Knight as a reliever for Elfrid Payton who has also been struggling this year.

Knight should be an upgrade should they trade him, as he can work as a point or a shooting guard if Peyton or Evan Fournier is on the floor.

The Philadelphia 76ers are also in dire need of star power as they continue their team's development. Adding Knight to the equation is a big deal and should help them maintain some sense of competitiveness during games.