'Pokémon GO' guide, tips, news: Essential items needed to evolve Pokémon revealed; players still experiencing difficulty in evolving Gen 2 monsters

Promotional photo for "Pokemon Go" | Facebook/PokemonGO

Players can take advantage of both Stardust and Candy when planning to evolve a Pokemon. Meanwhile, the Gen 2 update of "Pokémon GP" still restricts players from getting the most out of the 100 newly added Pokemonsters.

"Pokémon GO" players often focus on gathering enough Candy to evolve their favorite Pokémon. However, according to Eurogamer, Stardust plays an important role in evolving a Pokémon, too.

Pokémon which can evolve due to the high number of Candy in the player's possession doesn't mean that it should be made to evolve right away. Sometimes it is better to Power Up the Pokémon first with Stardust before players can let them evolve.

It is better to Power Up Pokémon in cases where trainers want them to have high Combat Power once they transform into their evolved form. Their Combat Power will matter when it comes to Pokémon battles, which is one of the main reasons why players aim to evolve their Pokémon.

However, Pokémon trainers should note that their Pokémon's IVs or natural strengths will stay the same even after the Pokémon evolves. Also, it is better to upgrade a Pokémon all the way up to its final evolved form.

This is because the time it will take to earn enough Candy to evolve a Pokémon, will bring the trainer up to a level where the evolved forms can easily be found on radar, which will also waste the resources used to evolve other Pokémon.

Players can check out the Pokémon evolution guide here.

Meanwhile, the Gen 2 update of "Pokêmon GO" has been received with many complaints as it is said to give a hard time for gamers to achieve evolved forms of the additional 100 Pokémon.

Forbes notes that some of these Gen 2 Pokémon will take forever to hatch from their eggs or that the items needed for their evolution are extremely difficult to come by.

Hopefully, the developers of "Pokémon Go" will provide an update that will make it a little easier for the players.

"Pokémon GO" is available on Android and iOS devices.