'Pokemon Go' Buddy system and 'Pokemon Go' Plus support added

"Pokémon Go" logo. | Official Pokémon Go Website

Niantic just released the latest update to the augmented reality mobile game "Pokemon Go," and as suspected, it contained the Buddy System.

As previously reported, gamers discovered the details about the buddy system prior to its release. The latest feature allows trainers to walk side by side. More importantly, the buddy system helps players gain more candy.

With the latest feature, players can only walk with one Pokemon at a time. When trainers have traveled alongside their buddy for a particular distance, players are rewarded with candy. Hence, upgrading Pokemon won't be such a daunting task.

The latest update also contains support for the "Pokemon Go" Plus, a small device that gamers can wear on their wrists. The device allows players to enjoy the game without having to open their smartphones. Hence, "Pokemon Go" Plus is a great device for players who are traveling. The device connects to gamers' smartphones through Bluetooth. It notifies players about the latest events and if a Pokemon is nearby. It alerts players by blinking and vibrating.

The device is compatible with iOS. Specifically, it supports the iPhone 5, 5s, SE, 6, 6s and 6 Plus. Android devices are also compatible with the device, given that Android has 2 GB RAM. Players should note that the Android Version 4.4-6.0 has to be installed. Moreover, a Bluetooth Version 4.0 or higher is necessary to run the "Pokemon Go" Plus.

Another device that will be able to support Niantic's popular game is the Apple Watch. As announced during the Apple event last week, the Apple Watch will be able to support the game in the near future. Similar to the "Pokemon Go" Plus device, the Apple Watch will be able to alert gamers if a Pokemon is nearby and it will also give players updates on hatching eggs. Unlike "Pokemon Go" Plus, players won't have to connect it to their phones through Bluetooth. The app on the Apple Watch will run even though it hasn't been activated on the smartphone.