'Quantico' season 2 episode 15 spoilers: Clay, Caleb to clash over handling CIA–FBI task force

A promotional image for "Quantico" season 2 | Facebook/QuanticoABC

The sons of the President of the United States will clash over leading the assembled CIA–FBI hybrid task force created to eliminate an underground security threat. Meanwhile, Clay (Hunter Parrish) seems to have a complicated relationship with Shelby (Johanna Braddy).

On the next episode of "Quantico" season 2, titled "Mockingbird," the team of Clay Haas will be taking down a group of people who are creating fake news in order to get what they want.

As seen in the episode 15 sneak peek, the team struggles to gather information about a factory explosion after Owen (Blair Underwood) figures out that the footage is fake. However, the task will prove to be more dangerous when the team starts going after the unidentified group.

"While their newly appointed leader gets familiar with the team of CIA and FBI agents, Owen leads an investigation into the strange world of fake news. But hunting down the publishers of a fake story might lead to deadly consequences," the episode listing on The Futon Critic reads.

Meanwhile, it appears that Clay and Caleb (Graham Rogers) will be clashing when it comes to handling the CIA–FBI hybrid team.

As seen from the episode 15 promo, Caleb tries to reach out to his brother by telling him that he can help because he knows these people so well. However, Clay shuts him out by saying, "I'm not letting you anywhere near my team."

It is possible that Clay has fenced Caleb out for personal reasons that are not yet explored in "Quantico" season 2?

However, Caleb won't be the only one who has a complicated relationship with Clay.

Parrish revealed to TVLine that his character and Shelby will get into a complicated situation. Caleb was originally set to be a new love interest for Shelby. Although Caleb is currently engaged on the show, Parrish teased that there will be "catfighting" and that the storyline will "explore the Shelby of it all."

"Quantico" season 2 airs every Monday night at 10 p.m. EDT on ABC.