'Scandal' season 6 spoilers: Kerry Washington talks about what comes after election night

Olivia Pope (Washington) in "Scandal" season 6 promo still | ABC

Still no "Scandal" is airing tonight despite the premiere for the political drama's sixth season being originally set for today. But not to frustrate fans about having to wait another week to know who takes over the Oval Office after Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), lead star Kerry Washington provides a dose of warning indicating that the debut will be nothing short of crazy.

Ironically, the reason for "Scandal's" premiere delay, as well as the return of other "T.G.I.T." shows, is chalked up to real American politics. ABC is set to air a special in light of Donald Trump's Inauguration tomorrow that will highlight the President-elect's life prior to being the 45th head of state.

Those however looking up to the DC-set drama as a form of escape from the current political climate of the country might be anxious in terms of what goes down in this season's "Scandal." Although the show creators by no means mined the overall arc from how the tumultuous national election has turned out to be in real life, real and reel iterations of the event share the same kind of intensity and madness.

"We shot the episodes way before the election, so we were just following the story of what they thought was best for these characters," Washington, who plays political fixer Olivia Pope, told Ellen Degeneres when the actress visited the talk show as part of the series' promotions. "But it will be hard to believe we didn't know about our election because it's so surreal what happens on the show," she added.

As previously reported, creator Shonda Rhimes and her band of writers even had to tweak some story points that seemingly had too much of a resemblance to the current events in the United States. These included the plot line about Russian hackers who were originally tipped to be a potential main conspirator in the show's alternate universe version of the elections.

"It used to be that Scandal was this crazy show that was outside of the realm of possibility!" Washington perplexedly added. "Not anymore!"

It may still be a week away, but the first episode of "Scandal" will not dance around the results of their own elections that pit Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) and Francisco Vargas (Ricardo Chavira) against each other for Presidency. The victor will be announced in the first few minutes of season 6 so as the winner of the Jake Ballard (Scott Foley)-Cyrus Beene (Jeff Perry) match-up for the Vice Presidency.

"Scandal" season 6 finally debuts next week, Jan. 26, at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.