'Star Wars Rebels' season 3, episode 15 spoilers: Sabine formally steps into her darksaber training with the help of Kanan

Fenn Rau and Sabine with the darksaber in "Star Wars Rebels" season 3, episode 15 promo still | Disney XD

Even before the current season of "Star Wars Rebels" season started, creator Dave Filoni has already been adamant about the role Sabine will play in the narrative of the show moving forward. And the personal character trajectory seems to only be climbing into a crescendo with this week's episode as the Mandalorian starts learning the ways of the darksaber.

The artsy member of the Ghost Crew has proven her capabilities over and over again. From converting some of her co-Mandalorians like Fenn Rau to sneaking, budding Rebellion ace pilot Wedge Antilles from the clutches of the Empire, she has contributed her fair share to the mission. But Sabine's upcoming one is proving to be the most important and pivotal of them all as she tries to recruit the rest of her people, including her mother, to join the Alliance's fight against the evil Empire.

The uphill climb to reach her goals starts with mastering the use of the darksaber in the forthcoming episode titled "Trials of the Darksaber."  The weapon, which came to her possession after last year's midseason finale, was apparently given to Kanan for safe keeping until recently. The relic, which was originally owned by the first-ever Mandalorian to be inducted to the Jedi Order, is a key piece of relic for both groups. At first, it was kept by the Jedis until the Mandalorians stole it from their long-time adversaries. And as Fenn Rau suggested in season 3B's trailer, if Sabine can master the use of it, it will be easier for her to convince the rest of the Mandalore people to follow her lead.

The training, which is only fitting to be conducted by Jedi Master Kanan obviously brings out the impatience in the young freedom fighter. In the promo clip released for the episode, Kanan exudes calmness as he easily dodges his trainee's attempts to battle him out, which in turn only irritates the latter more. Do not expect the session, however, to be flawless as conflicts are expected to arise especially with the Jedi and Mandalorian's long history of not getting along.

In light of the upcoming installment, Tiya Sircar, who brings life to Sabine in the Disney XD series, sat down with The New York Daily News to talk a little bit about the kind of development her character is currently going through.

"She's got more of a leadership role as it is, but suddenly she's being tested in ways that we haven't seen her being tested. She never wants to disappoint Hera and Kanan, who basically saved her life by letting her be a part of their family," said the actress, "So, I think as she's being asked these greater, bigger questions and she's being pulled in these different directions, she has to figure out where her true loyalty lies and how she reconciles her past with her present," she added.

"Star Wars Rebels" season 3 airs every Saturday, 8:30 p.m. ET.