'Suits' season 7 premiere, cast news, spoilers: Bosses to create new arc for Rachel to make Markle stay? Mike to possibly create conflict in firm

Promotional photo for "Suits" season 6 | Facebook/SuitsonUSA

The showrunners of "Suits" might be creating a new arc for Rachel, portrayed by Meghan Markle, to keep the actress on for the show's future seasons. Meanwhile, Mike (Patrick J. Adams), as a full-fledged lawyer, might create conflict in Specter Litt.

Metro confirmed from Grazia that a new arc is being created for Rachel Zane to keep Markle on contract for future seasons. Rachel is anticipated to become a mother in the show, a storyline that should keep the actress until the eighth season.

"Meghan will have a storyline in season seven which will see her have children. The producers must be keen for her to stay on until the eighth because of all of the attention the show is getting," a source confirmed.

The bosses are said to be creating this arc for Rachel to keep the ratings up and to keep the spotlight on "Suits." However, speculations are rampant that they are doing it to make Markle stay because of the possibility that the actress might move to London to be with her partner, Prince Harry.

Meanwhile, "Suits" season 7 will see Mike Ross, who was once a full-time fraud, as a full-fledged lawyer at Specter Litt. Although this is good news, his new position in the firm might create conflict, especially with Harvey (Gabriel Macht).

"How are Harvey and Mike going to work together? Our band is back together but they're different, they're changed. Mike isn't a brand new attorney anymore. He's also not a fraud anymore and how is it going to impact their lives and relationships moving forward under this new dynamic?" showrunner Aaron Korsh shared with Deadline.

One thing that is set to make Harvey and Mike clash with each other is Mike's plan of taking pro bono cases. Korsh mentioned that a pro bono case happens to create conflicts in the firm, as seen from previous episodes. Now that Mike has a say in the firm's decision, there will be a struggle in finding the balance between the two cases.

"Suits" season 7 is expected to premiere this 2017.