'The 100' season 4 spoilers: showrunner Jason Rothenberg talks about Clarke finding love again after Lexa

Clarke (Taylor) and Lexa (Debnam Carey) in "The 100" season 3 promo still | The CW

Last year, there was an uproar of emotions regarding the many deaths that "The 100" has served its viewers in a single season. The show defended its gory background and building body count citing the series' genre being susceptible to such tragedies. But one particular departure, that of Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey), has stuck with viewers all throughout the installment and carried over to the upcoming one.

But it seems like folks behind the post-apocalyptic show are looking to have Clarke (Eliza Taylor) move on from "the love of her life" as showrunner Jason Rothenberg emphasizes that the heroine still has a life ahead of her.

"[Clarke] is only 18 years old," he told Entertainment Weekly for its show scoops feature for upcoming shows. "We move on, we figure out a way to compartmentalize, and you try and you don't forget. The person should never forget," he said.

For those who are just not ready to let go of Lexa just yet, the TV exec shares that Lexa will resonate through Clarke long after the former has gone. And while their romantic tryst may have lasted for just some time, the former commander of the grounders had impacted her lover's life in more ways than one.

"Lexa has influenced her in so many ways," Rothenberg says. "The fact that Clarke is trying to transcend her tribalism is really a direct result of her relationship with Lexa. Lexa helped her see the world differently, and vice versa. And yet we do need to sort of move on. And so, she will eventually do that, but I'm not gonna say whether or not it'll happen this season," he went on to say.

With Rothenberg being coy whether Clarke will jump in a new relationship or not in "The 100" season 4, it is safe to say that whatever would be budding will not fully bloom until the latter part of the installment. The leader of the Sky People just has a lot going right now from dealing with the wrath of her subordinates over the death of A.L.I.E. to the looming danger from Mother Earth.

"The 100" season 4 will have a total of 13 episodes and scheduled to be back on The CW on Feb. 1.