'The Elder Scrolls 6' release date news: To appear in 2018; To be named 'Argonia' instead of 'Skyrim 2?'

It is still not confirmed if the next game sequel of "The Elder Scrolls" franchise will happen soon, although the rumors are rife that the next game title, if ever there will be one, is going to continue the narrative of "The Elder Scrolls 5" or "Skyrim." However, there are other reports suggesting that the game series will move on to the next chapter and have a brand new title of its own.

Promotional image for the "Dark Brotherhood" DLC game pack for "The Elder Scrolls Online" | Facebook/The Elder Scrolls

There are rumors that "The Elder Scrolls 6" will be a follow-up game of the fifth "TES" installment called "Skyrim." Therefore, some of the fans are now anticipating that the new game will be called as "Skyrim 2." Therefore, the story of the next sequel is expected to focus on the same kingdom in the previous game, also named Skyrim.

Meanwhile, Gospel Herald reported that "The Elder Scrolls 6" will go ahead and leave the kingdom of Skyrim, as the center of action shifts to a whole new location. It is speculated that the focus of the game will now be on the Black Marsh. With this, the next "Elder Scrolls" game is expected to have the huge Argonia map. The game title itself may also be "Argonia," although there are no official statements from Bethesda to confirm it. There are also other locations possible of being the new location such as Valenwood and Elswyr.

"The Elder Scrolls" game franchise has become a massive hit throughout the years, and it is not surprising that the avid fans of the video game series would be expecting more a new game title out of the franchise. While many "Elder Scrolls" fans who participated at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2016 earlier this month were looking forward to Bethesda officially announcing "The Elder Scrolls 6," they became disappointed as the game studio made no mention of such during their presentation. Still, there is nothing to stop the fans from hoping that Bethesda will be creating the new sequel, and it appears that there is a chance for "TE6" to be released in the coming years.

As reported by Kitguru, "The Elder Scrolls" series director Todd Howard already confirmed that Bethesda is already gearing up for the next installment of the game franchise. "The Elder Scrolls 6" is still a go even if it is not a part of the current lineup of the company. However, Bethesda might be taking up some time before the final version of the game can be released. This means that the fans will need to wait longer until "The Elder Scrolls 6" is finished. It is likely that the game will be ready for release in 2018. After all, Bethesda now has all the time to focus on "TE6" as "Fallout 4" already ended.