'The Mick' season 1 episode 10 spoilers: Mickey's new romance gets sabotaged in 'The Baggage'

A screenshot from the new FOX comedy series “The Mick” featuring Ben (Jack Stanton), Sabrina (Sofia Black-D'Elia), Alba (Carla Jimenez), and the titular character, Mickey (Kaitlin Olson). | YouTube/FOX

Mickey (Kaitlin Olson) finds new romance in the next episode of "The Mick," but it quickly gets derailed when her unwanted suitors team up to sabotage her potential happiness.

The episode titled "The Baggage" will also feature the eldest Pemberton, Sabrina (Sofia Black-D'Elia), and the Guatemalan maid, Alba (Carla Jimenez), trying to teach Ben a lesson or two in responsibility. It is not clear why the two of them are suddenly working together to inspire a sense of accountability in a seven-year-old boy. Will Ben do something that warrants this attention, or is Alba simply taking advantage of the youngest Pemberton's formative years to make sure that he grows up into an upstanding citizen?

Alba sure has a special spot for Ben. In the previous episode, she even expressed her concern for the boy's impending transformation from a sweet-faced kid into a rebelling teenager similar to his older siblings. And the dynamic between the two characters isn't really much different in real life.

"[Stanton] comes from such a sweet place of discovery that it makes his acting look so good and natural. We're just playing, and he's loving it," Jimenez shared in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

Meanwhile, the trailer for the next episode shows Mickey hanging out with a man who may either be the aforementioned new romance or one of the unwanted suitors determined to spoil her fun. All the guy needs to say is "I love you," and Mickey is scurrying off into her room in a panic.

"I love you? Who says that?!" she gripes to Alba, who replies in a later scene that this is exactly what the American dream entails: "To have everything you ever wanted and still be miserable."

Indeed, Mickey has come into quite a fortune when she took up guardianship for her niece and nephews while the kids' parents are on the run from the authorities. And although she may have had a few moments of parenting success, finding genuine happiness and contentment for herself has always been elusive. Will this impending new romance be the one that completes Mickey's life, or will one of her unwanted suitors step up and prove himself a worthier choice?

"The Mick" season 1 episode 10 airs on Tuesday, Feb. 21, at 8:31 p.m. EST on FOX.