'The OA' season 2 release date, latest news: Netflix announces season 2 renewal of paranormal drama

A screenshot from the official trailer of "The OA" season 1. | Youtube/Netflix US & Canada

Netflix has recently announced that its sci-fi drama "THE OA" — which made its surprise debut late last year — has officially been renewed for a second season.

According to Deadline, "The OA" was largely kept under wraps until the launch of its first season last year. Although it didn't match the extraordinary success enjoyed by "Stranger Things," the paranormal TV series reportedly developed enough viewership and fan following for Netflix to grant the renewal of the show for another season.

"From the very beginning when we were on our own daydreaming a story, we definitely thought how can we construct something that, many seasons out, has a satisfying end? So there is an end and there is an answer to every riddle and nothing is done to just be sound and fury going nowhere," Brit Marling, creator and lead actress of the show, told The Hollywood Reporter when asked about the show's future beyond season one.

"It all goes somewhere. And as to whether or not we get to tell that, I certainly hope that we do. There is a place that season two already begins in our minds and a place in which it ends," she added.

Created by Marling and Zal Batmanglij, "The OA" is a spell-binging and mind-boggling tale about identity, human connection, and the borders of life and death. Marling plays the lead role of an adopted blind woman who disappears for seven years. When she suddenly reappears to everyone, not only has she gotten her sight back and has unexplained scars on her body, she now refers to herself as the OA.

Instead of explaining everything to her parents or the authorities, she shares her secrets to several locals and tells them her life story. In the end, she asks for their help in finding other missing people.

Aside from Marling, "The OA" stars Jason Isaacs, Emory Cohen, Scott Isaacs, Emory Cohen, Scott Wilson, Alice Kriege, Patrick Gibson, Bradon Meyer, Brandon Perea, Ian Alexander, and Phyllis Smith.

As reported by Coming Soon, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner from Plan B ("12 Years a Slave") and Michael Sugar from Anonymous Content ("True Detective," "The Knick") serve as the executive producers of the Netflix Series along with Marling and Batmanglij.

To promote the upcoming season, Netflix has also shared a teaser trailer for the paranormal drama series. There is no word yet on the exact release date of "The OA" season 2.