'This Is Us' scores two more season orders from NBC; will finally start addressing Jack's death

The Pearsons in "This Is Us" promo still | NBC

While it is not surprising in the slightest given the overwhelming love fans have for "This Is Us," its multi-season renewal is still a welcome surprise not just for viewers but for the cast as well. The family dramedy has officially locked down two more seasons after its freshman year nabbing at least 36 more episodes in the two years to come with the Pearson family.

The announcement first came via a simple cellphone video posted by show creator Dan Fogelman on his Twitter account, showing NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke breaking the news to the cast of the show. The very casual huddle had Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown and the others gathered before they step on stage Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour. Shortly after, the very much elated Pearson parentals — Moore and Ventimiglia — took it to the former's Instagram account to post a reaction video of their own.

Initially, "This Is Us" has already scored a season 2 renewal just a day after the series premiere aired back in September. This gave folks in the writer's room enough canvass to deliberately pace the show especially when there is just a lot of mysteries that have yet to be solved. Following the two-year order, Fogelman revealed that at this point, he is very confident that they will have enough content to keep people interested. The impressive use of time lapse in the storytelling of the series opens up a huge avenue to cultivate characters' backstories to reflect on their present-day selves.

At the heart of it all is the Pearson family who still has a lot of unresolved mysteries including the burgeoning question of Jack's (Ventimiglia) death. Fogelman reveals that fans may finally see when exactly Jack died but they should not expect a one-time big-time bombshell regarding the specifics of his death. Instead, "This Is Us" will pepper information as the show goes along starting with the upcoming episode scheduled next week.

"The needle we have to continue to thread is sparsing out information so it never becomes too frustrating for people," the writer told a handful of reporters at the same event. "There's a before and after for this family. Even in the pilot, even before you knew there was anything off with Jack, there's a hinge in this family, and it's kind of a before with Jack and an after. That will be really interesting in future seasons and as we go forward, to show where that hinge was, how it happened and what happened to these people before and after it," he went on to say.

"This Is Us" airs every Tuesday, 9 p.m. ET on NBC.