'TimeSplitters Rewind' release date, latest news: New trailer teases 2017 release date

A screenshot from the official trailer of the video game remake of "TimeSplitters Rewind." | Youtube/TimeSplitters Rewind Official

The team behind "TimeSplitters Rewind," the unofficial, multiplayer-focused remake of the classic Crytek shooter video game, recently launched the upcoming game remake's first teaser trailer, revealing its release date.

The trailer has a runtime of 2 minutes and 27 seconds, but it does not feature any gameplay footage, and it only served as official confirmation that the project is still in development. The only important tidbit that was featured in the trailer is the change of release date from 2018 to 2017.

Because of the lack of substance of the trailer, many gamers and fans of the original game commented on Reddit to complain about the vague teaser.

In order to clarify the goal of releasing the trailer, PC Gamer reached out to one of the developers of "TimeSplitters Rewind."

"It was a teaser and was developed in a short amount of time to get people talking, the date change at the end was designed to tease people with the final date being 2017," the developer wrote to PC Gamer.

"TimeSplitters Rewind" is a video game project being developed by fan collective Cinder Interactive Arts for the Windows PC. There were speculations a few years ago that the video game may also be coming to the PlayStation 4. Hence, other platforms for the game may be announced later on.

However, as reported by GameRant, the game's developer has previously stated that a version "Rewind" for the Xbox One may not be possible as such potential is deterred by Microsoft's certification process.

Moreover, updating games after the first free patch on the Xbox console can be very expensive. Should "Rewind" have an Xbox One version, it may risk becoming one of the many games found on Xbox Live which ended up "broken" because updating them had become too costly.

Despite the negative reaction from the gaming community regarding the teaser for "TimeSplitters Rewind," the loud feedback is also an indication that there is still a very high demand for another "TimeSplitters" game and that many are eagerly waiting for the arrival of the video game remake to see what it is capable of.

"TimeSplitters" is currently in development and is set to be released sometime in 2017.