'Uncharted 4' patch update, latest news: New patch adds Hardcore version to 'Survival' mode

A screenshot from the official trailer of the video game "Uncharted 4." | Youtube/PlayStation

Naughty Dog has recently released a new patch for its video game "Uncharted 4," which focused on the game's "Survival" and multiplayer modes.

In a blog post published on the video game's official website, the game developer delved in detail about the contents of the latest Patch 1.20.055 update.

Among the changes made by the latest patch is the introduction of a Hardcore version of "Survival." The new level is intense, risky, and difficult as players only given one chance to make it through all 50 waves. Hence, if a team is defeated, its members would have to start all over again. As such, gamers are warned that the new Hardcore "Survival" Mode is not for the faint of heart because winning takes skill, close teamwork, and careful strategy.

Because of popular demand, the Classic Mode has also returned to the Beta Test Playlist in Multiplayer. First launched back in November, Classic is a back-to-basic mode that focuses on core combat and movement. This means there are no in-game store, Mysticals, or Sidekicks that gamers could rely on.

With the start of the Ranked season, the patch has also introduced new rewards and improvements to the game. This season, gamers have a chance to earn a new set of Ranked weapon skins to complement the Ranked Trucker Hats, Shades, and Bandanas which were offered in previous seasons.

The update also improved the Qualifier and Master Rank systems, such that Qualifiers will now focus on points earned rather than matches won, while the Master Rank will now have points earned based off an average of matches. In this manner, gamers' progress will be entirely based on their own performance.

The Patch 1.20.055 update also made a lot of bug fixes and balance changes, which are enumerated in detail by Gamespot on their website. For example, player's damage bonuses for level, weapon level, and boosters are now calculated accurately. The duration of Sprit of the Djinn was also increased from 20 seconds to 30 seconds.

"Uncharted 4: A Thief's End' is currently available on the PlayStation 4.