WWE Rumors: Goldberg expected to stay longer in the WWE

Bill Goldberg (right) is a WWE superstar. | Wikimedia Commons / Adam Rickert

It was a match that everyone was anticipating, yet no one expected the outcome.

Many were stoked to see Bill Goldberg make his return to the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). By facing another big star in Brock Lesnar, everyone was intrigued by what is going to happen inside the squared circle.

The match-up was set at Survivor Series and it appeared that everything was in place. However, the dominating victory of Goldberg over Lesnar left many with more questions than answers.

In the match-up, Goldberg finished off the "Beast Incarnate" with two spears before hitting him with a jackhammer to finish off his rival. This all happened in two minutes and then the match was over.

Now, it appears the reason behind it is that Goldberg is slated to make more appearances for the WWE, most notable of which is the Royal Rumble.

If that were true, then Goldberg, despite being much older, still wants a big part in the industry and the WWE brass believe that he still has a lot left in the tank to make a solid run.

Another rumor going around is that Goldberg had to make the match quick after he was short of time to prepare for his battle with Lesnar. Things happened pretty quickly, with Goldberg's name making waves in the rumor mill and Lesnar's manager Paul Heyman offering a challenge to Goldberg.

This resulted in a quick turnaround that Goldberg also picked up an injury so the storyline had to change to make the finish quick.

As seen by Goldberg's tweet, it may have been a subliminal hit that he would be back after his battle against Lesnar.

Many thought that Goldberg would only be good for one match-up but this now raises questions as to whether the two superstars will still meet down the line.

There are those who believe that they could be facing off again on WrestleMania 33, and that would be an incredible booking.