WWE rumors: Veterans may headline WrestleMania 33

Chris Jericho of the WWE | Wikimedia Commons / Tabercil

The hype train of the World Wrestling Entertainment continues at full steam as superstars gear up for another pay-per-view (PPV) event, the Royal Rumble 2017.

To be held in January, this is one of the four biggest PPV events of the company, with SummerSlam, Survivor Series and WrestleMania as the other three.

Now there are storylines brewing and it is setting up for an interesting run of events heading to Royal Rumble. There are so many rumors revolving around the upcoming PPV, and there is a new addition to the list.

According to one rumor, John Cena may return to the squared circle and win the Royal Rumble to get a shot at the main event in WrestleMania 33.

Initial rumors linked Goldberg, who dominated Brock Lesnar in Survivor Series, to take part in Royal Rumble 2017 and many think he has what it takes to win and have a run at the World Heavyweight Championship.

However, it seems that there are also other rumors linking Cena for another title run. This makes sense, given that he is still one of the biggest draws in the company.

Another name being thrown around is Chris Jericho and many believe he is due for a title run. Jericho is playing back-up behind WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens at the moment, but he may be setting himself up for a title run.

That should not be a surprise given that Jericho is one of the best wrestlers in the squared circle and in doing promos as he has proven throughout his career.

There are still a few months before the Royal Rumble and there are more rumors on the way. It is just a matter of what direction the company decides to go to determine what will happen. It would be interesting to see how this plays out.