Xbox Two, PlayStation 5 release dates: New consoles years away from release?

Promotional image of the Xbox One | Microsoft/Xbox

Xbox Two and PlayStation 5 (PS5) are two of the most highly anticipated next-generation consoles. With gamers anticipating the release of the next Xbox and the next PlayStation, could Microsoft and Sony be on the verge of launching these two new devices?

While many still think that it won't be long before gamers finally get their hands on Xbox Two and PS5, recent reports now suggest that it might take years before either of these consoles makes its way to store shelves.

With both Microsoft and Sony still riding the waves of their last releases, and with the impending launch of other gaming services from both of these companies, it doesn't look like consumers will be seeing either of the new consoles this year.

According to PC Advisor, the release of the PlayStation Now has practically made physical consoles a thing of the past. PlayStation Now is a cloud-based gaming service that is often called "Netflix for gamers." It allows gamers to play PS3 games on PS4, on Sony Bravia TVs, and on the PS Vita. With support for non-Sony TVs and non-PlayStation consoles on the horizon, gamers are steadily coming to the realization that they can do without a traditional gaming console.

As the website noted, a new PS4 model, the PlayStation 4.5 NEO, is expected to come out in September. The new model, which is said to have 4K support and better virtual reality (VR) functionalities, is well-suited for graphics-heavy games.

Meanwhile, it appears that Microsoft may be prioritizing milking the Xbox One over releasing an Xbox Two. The upcoming release of the Xbox TV device and the rolling out of the backward compatibility on the Xbox One seem to be indicators that the company is trying to spruce up its old popular console instead of developing a new one.

While neither Microsoft nor Sony has released official word about the Xbox Two and the PlayStation 5, Lawyer Herald predicts that these two consoles could be released in 2019 and that both will have VR functionalities and 4K resolution. The outlet also suggests that these two devices could be the last traditional gaming consoles for both companies. After that, physical consoles could be phased out and will be replaced by VR devices and stream consoles.