Getting engaged? Five Gold Solitaire Diamond ring types to select from

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Are you all set to propose your woman? You need to get the best solitaire diamond ring. Your taste will play an important role when you are selecting any exclusive jewelry. It is here that you can choose from the elegant, chic and exquisite custom proposal rings. Does the variety in designs befuddle you? If yes, here are the best trends for 2018 that you can select from for your beloved.

Custom proposal diamond ring types for 2018

Chic double stone engagement rings

Do you want to strike out the norm? If yes, opt-in for the double stoned diamond engagement ring. It looks modish and not at all over-the-top. Two diamond stone in one ring is a smart choice. You can experiment on the size diamond stones and can also shape it differently. Customize it in a way that will look brilliant on you.

Get the diamond pave shanks design

One of the popular custom engagement ring designs, the diamond pave shanks might appear to be slightly complicated to look at. However, it is still a unique solitaire diamond ring that you can opt-in for in 2018. The main attraction here is the small diamond pieces that get placed down the shank. It adds a distinctive value to your engagement ring and gives it a unique twist in design.

Opt-in for the colored stones engagement ring

Some women want to opt-in for colored stones engagement rings. Here you can select the ones that come in the combination of white or black diamonds and mix it with pink and yellow diamonds as well. To add more variety, you can even add other semi-precious stones like emerald, ruby, and sapphire that would add to the overall look of the ring.

Check out the retro style rings

Vintage style engagement rings have a class and beauty of its own. These rings are timeless. And if you want one for your engagement, you can add a bit of modern touch to it, by blending it with several other stones. Vintage rings stand for endurance and also a family heritage that gets passed on from one generation to the other. You can select a chunky diamond piece keeping the old element and the design it with little designs around it, like the new age minimalistic jewelry design.

Pear-shaped diamonds

Want to deviate from the norm of round-cut diamond pieces? If yes, then you can experiment with the diamond shapes in your engagement rings. Recently, the pear-shaped diamond rings are a new trend that you should opt in. They look unique and special on a woman's finger.

There are several other types of custom-made diamond engagement ring types to opt-in. Some of the different design types are as follows:

  • Intertwined metals
  • Rings with unconventional metals
  • Floral motif rings

However, you need to research on the service provider to offer you the best engagement ring designs and discounts online as well. Today, several swanky websites look impressive. Do your research online and check for the reviews before investing in any one company.