Local help and guidance in secretarial services is essential to set up business on foreign soil


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To give shape to a business idea by setting up a new business entity in a foreign country might seem a daunting task. The laws for setting up business differ from one country to another, and unless you are familiar with it together with the related procedures involved in the process of setting up business, it can be challenging to set the ball rolling. Take the case of Singapore that has emerged as the most attractive Asian destination for setting up business. The country has enacted highly business-friendly laws and has laid down very simple processes of business registration that attracts foreign entrepreneurs to set up businesses in that country. However, they would hit several hurdles in the process if they are unable to comply with the legal requirements, which often require local connections to ensure complete compliance.

Local help is essential

You need the support and guidance of some local company offering secretarial services to facilitate the process of business registration for foreign companies. Many local companies provide secretarial services for ensuring quick and hassle-free setting up of business and thereby supporting the Singapore Government in its endeavor to attract foreign investors. The local secretarial companies offer Singapore Company Secretarial Services for ensuring that foreigners can register their business in the country within the shortest possible time which can be even as short as an hour. Yes, it is true that any foreigner can set up a new business in Singapore in just one hour with the support from some local company that looks after the administrative and secretarial works associated with it.

Making the process hassle free

Companies in different categories must fulfill some special requirements, and the secretarial service provider can help to navigate smoothly through the maze of legal requirements very efficiently that make things appear very easy for entrepreneurs and business owners. The company that provides secretarial services to guide business owners systematically provides quick and practical solutions to problems. From arranging for local business resources to offering nominee director service and from arranging for a local registered address to helping in an opening bank account, they would be your constant companion, always guiding you to move forward with ease.

Pre-registration needs

Fulfilling the pre-registration needs is important because it makes you eligible for setting up the business. Unless you go through this process, you can never think about business registration. From company name approval to the appointment of a local resident director to 

appointing a qualified company secretary and enlisting at least 1-50 shareholders, the tasks are many. Complying with these steps would qualify your business for several tax incentives which is a significant attraction for setting up business in Singapore.

Registering a business is easy only if you have a local interface that helps to wade through the legalities that stipulate the inclusion of some residents in important positions of business according to Singaporean laws. For non-Singapore investors, it is therefore almost mandatory to engage a professional firm to help in registering the business fast which is the prime attraction.